Country Hearts - The Road Home

Publication 11/2015

Country girl meets country singer. She's tied to her home and the land while he's a traveling man. Is love enough to keep them together?

Some Bitter Some Sweet

Publication May 2016

Does anyone ever really appreciate the sweetness in life without some bitterness?


Raija has certainly had her share of bitter: the death of her husband sends her son into a tailspin. Can she hold it all together while navigating the bumps of life, keeping her boy-crazy daughter in check and exploring her burgeoning feelings for her Korean cooking-school instructor?



Coming December 2017!
Country Hearts: Dangerous Love

No matter how idyllic her best friend's life in the country seems, Valerie can't wrap her head around giving up her life in the city and her independence.  But she also can't deny the appeal of Bo and his interest in her and her kids.  Can she have it all?